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Mute Notifications on Desktop Chrome Extension
1 dag
Mute those annoying desktop notifications!   This is a Chrome extension that allows you to get more done without distractions from desktop notifications. This is perfect for times when you’re doing a video conference, recording a video, or just need to get some work done without sounds and messages popping up while you concentrate! Bing bing […]
Sync Recruitment Texts Between Phone and Desktop with MightyText
4 dagen
Sync your texts from your phone to your desktop! This is one of the new play tools we really love! MightyText allows you to access as well as send your mobile texts right from your computer desktop. And, it’s free! This is useful for recruiters that are using mobile to send opportunities to prospects, or even just […]
Your Phone: Sync Desktop Work With Your Phone
5 dagen
  Windows 10 now includes an application to sync your phone’s texts, photos, and notifications!   Windows now offers an application called Your Phone. This application is free to download and can be installed from the Windows store if it’s not already on your PC. What this application does, it allows you to connect and […]
Using LaunchPad as a Sourcing Tool
1 week
You can use LaunchPad to source and connect with people!   LaunchPad is meant to be a software collaboration platform, but we’re going to show you how to use it to find people. There are a lot of online communities like this that can be used for some creative sourcing! This particular site has over […]
Using As A Sourcing Tool For Tech People
1 week
  We’re going to head on over to (not .com!) This is a nice little place to find people, and we’re going to explain how. To start, we’re looking in the Forums, and there are high-level sections, with threads within broken up by specific topics. Topics include stuff like UX Design, Java, server-side, programming, […]
Chrome extension: GitHub Email Finder
1 week
Find GitHub Developer emails even easier with this free Chrome Extension!   We have another free tool for you! GitHub Email Finder is a free Chrome Extension that takes advantage of the hack that enables you to pull email addresses for GitHub users. We’ve talked about that process and how to do it, so check that […]
LinkedLimits will help you avoid LinkedIn’s search limit
2 weken
Avoid LinkedIn’s Search Limit for free with Linkedlimits!   LinkedLimits is a brand new and free Chrome extension, and using it will help you avoid hitting that frustrating search limit imposed by LinkedIn’s Commercial Use policy! It allows you to search as many profiles as you want for free, and without paying for a LinkedIn […]
Save Search Time Using SearchAll Chrome Extension
2 weken
Quick, simple searches saves time.   SearchAll is a new tool offered as a Chrome Extension that integrates into the right-click function of your browser. Highlight your text and search from right where you’re at! There are a few different ways to use this tool. You can enable settings to utilize a search bar at the […]
Message People with Rockstar Finder’s Bulk SMS Feature
2 weken
  Message your candidates with Rockstar Finder’s new Bulk SMS feature!   We have talked about Rockstar Finder before, and how great of a tool it really is. Now, it has gotten even better with some more features that have been added! Rockstar Finder’s new bulk SMS capability is a game-changer, especially since candidates are about 80% […]
Source from University experts with ExpertiseFinder
3 weken
  Source experts in any field by searching Expertise Finder’s University database   Did you know that top companies recruit directly from Universities? Amazon is one of these companies, and Universities are one of their top 4 sourcing locations for candidates. We aren’t talking about entry-level hires, but top candidates who have worked at a […]
Write better with Linguix: Chrome Extension tool
3 weken
Improve your writing skills with the Linguix Chrome extension   Linguix is offered as a free browser extension for Chrome, as well as a web version, that uses AI to correct grammar and spelling mistakes as you write. Use in real-time while drafting your social media posts, emails, or upload and scan your saved documents for […]
Use this SourceSort trick to Find Developer Candidates
4 weken
  Use this trick to find developer candidates through SourceSort   If you aren’t already familiar with SourceSort, it’s a GitHub front-ended tool that helps people find open projects they would like to contribute to. We have a neat little hack that will also allow you to use this source as a way to find […]
Reduce Clutter with Temporary Bookmarks
1 maand
Increase productivity and reduce browser clutter with temporary bookmarks Take a moment and look at your bookmarks folder. Is it full of old links that you didn’t need to keep, but you saved anyhow since you were in the middle of a search and didn’t want to lose those pages? Do all your bookmarks spark […]
The Reach has a Desktop Version
1 maand
  The Reach Desktop Version gives you so much more   Today we are going to talk about a connection to a tool that we already have: The Reach has a new desktop version. We have already discussed what the Chrome Extension tool does, so let’s get into what features are offered in the standalone desktop version! […]
Using ContactOut and ZapInfo
1 maand
Extract contacts from any search engine database, even ContactOut   ContactOut is a great tool with a database that contains over a billion email addresses and other contact data for recruiters. It’s a fantastic tool, but can be pretty expensive to use. We are going to show you a way to use a workaround with […]
Meet Scout by LeadIQ
1 maand
  “Scout” can fetch emails from any company   Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Technically, this is a new dog with a new trick, but who’s really keeping track? Are you looking to recruit from a specific company, and need an email address to contact them? We have a Chrome […]
RockStar Finder revisited for a closer look
1 maand
  RockStar Finder can do wonders for your sourcing needs   Today, we are talking about RockStar Finder again. I know we’ve already done a video on it, but we really want to go more in-depth, since there is way more to it than meets the eye. Candidate Search First, head over to the Candidate […]
Prophet II Turbo levels up with a Company Identifier
1 maand
  Target any company with the Prophet II Turbo Company Identifier   Prophet II Turbo by HiringSolved just added something new and important that we thought you should know about! Let’s say you want to target a specific company and do some recruiting. First, head to their company website and launch Prophet II from the right side […]
Tool Review: Source 500 Desktop
1 maand
  Boost your ability to source more leads with Source500!   We have another brand new tool called Source 500. This is a great little tool that expands on your existing LinkedIn Recruiter account. It does a lot and the way it works involves a neat little trick that we will explain below! Let’s get […]
Swordfish Advanced, With New and Improved Features
1 maand
  The new, the improved Swordfish, with more to come!   Swordfish is a fantastic tool we have discussed before, and it has been recently updated with some great new and improved features. It’s already the best pure contact information finding tool around, and it just keeps getting better and better. There are several other […]
The Reach Chrome Extension Review
1 maand
  Save time and effort making lead connections with the Reach   Search Authority Dean Da Costa takes us through an inside look at the Reach, a Chrome extension tool for locating email addresses for your leads within LinkedIn. Click top open the extension when viewing a LinkedIn profile, and it will automatically fill in […]
LeadCandy Recruiting Tool
2 maanden
  Build targeted prospect lists and unlock common connections with is an interesting tool that will allow users to search people by title matches and locations within the LinkedIn network. You can also locate email addresses by name, get company profile information, and verify emails. You can download the provided contact information into a […]
SmartPDF Chrome Extension Review
2 maanden
  Convert almost any document to/from PDF format for free with Smart PDF SmartPDF is a Chrome Extension designed to convert documents from and into PDF format and is the #1 free PDF converter tool extension available.  Ever need to help someone update a resume or edit a contract?  Yeah, us too. This tool offers quick and easy […]
Hallo wereld.
2 maanden
Welkom bij WordPress. Dit is je eerste bericht. Bewerk of verwijder het, start dan met schrijven!
Password Checkup protects your accounts
4 maanden
  Keep your accounts secure with Password Checkup Password Checkup is a Chrome Extension officially released by Google and designed to help you protect all of your accounts. The tool is very simple and works from your extension toolbar like most other Chrome Extensions. Every time you log in to a site, Password Checkup kicks […]
SeekOut Robot Adds Even More AI Functionality
6 maanden
  SeekOut Robot – AI Driven Talent Search   SeekOut has always been a great and intuitive tool, and we’ve talked about it several times on this site. However, they are constantly improving and innovating. This time, we want to highlight their different AI features, including the new SeekOut Robot. First, we’ll give a quick […]
Amazing Hiring Adds AI Update
6 maanden
  Amazing Hiring has added a great, built-in AI feature   Amazing Hiring is a great sourcing search website that builds a lot of different capabilities into one tool. The search aspect of the tool is divided into four main tabs, that each helps you streamline your sourcing process. The Search Form allows you to […]
How To Use Seamless.AI for smarter, faster sourcing
6 maanden
  Seamless.AI is both an app and an accompanying Chrome extension that helps you to both search for talent to find contact information and organizes your lists. The tool has many of the same functions as other comparable tools: searching for companies and people based on location, industry, title, etc. However, Seamless.AI sets itself apart […]
Use Swordfish For Contact Data & Sourcing
7 maanden
  Use Swordfish to help you navigate and build a your pool of talent   Swordfish works as a Chrome Extension to find contact information on a wide variety of sites and profiles. The tool itself is very simple. Once the tool is open on a site, it scans the profile to find contact information, including […]
Social List adds new Contact Finding feature
7 maanden
Social List is a very cool recruiting & sourcing tool that allows you to search through a wide variety of social sites to find people and contacts that fit your needs.  Created by Irina Shamaeva of BrainGain, you know it has to be good. In its most recent update, it adds a great new feature: […]


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