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Data Miner’s “Easy Button” update is here
14 uur
  Data Miner’s new “Easy Row Finder” update makes Data Scraping simple and easy   Data Miner’s update is finally here! There has been a need for an easy-to-use, painless way to scrape data, and Data Miner has come to the rescue. They have made the tool so simple, that basically “a caveman could do it.” […]
Siemens Mobility Limited Taps Evie to Manage Post-COVID-19 Interview Demand 
1 maand
Leading AI Assistant for Recruiters Delivers Autonomous Interview Scheduling; Empowers Talent Acquisition Teams to “Hire Faster and Better” Amidst Surge of Candidates Evie was created by former engineers & executives from Stanford, MIT and Yahoo!   SAN FRANCISCO, CA October 21 2020—Evie (, the world’s leading AI assistant for recruiters, has been selected to help […]
Find IT candidates with CandyJar Chrome Extension
1 maand
Find IT candidates with CandyJar Chrome Extension   We have another tool available for candidate sourcing, and this one has been developed specifically for finding IT candidates. The tool is available as a free Chrome extension, offered by This tool helps you search for developers by source code assessment on GitHub and integrates into […]
Phenom Acquires My Ally, Bringing Advanced Automation to Overwhelmed HR Teams
2 maanden
  Deal solidifies Talent Experience Management’s role in enhancing recruiter productivity AMBLER, Pa., Sept. 30, 2020 — Phenom, the global leader in Talent Experience Management (TXM), today announced its acquisition of My Ally, an AI-based HR technology company. Known for its expertise in automation, My Ally reinforces Phenom’s ability to deliver an intelligent, omni-channel interview […]
Source Candidates within a Targeted Network using Twiangulate
2 maanden
Source Candidates within a Targeted Network using Twiangulate     Let’s take a look at a free web-based tool called Twiangulate. It is a Twitter tool that allows you to look at connections between different Twitter profiles. There are a few different search options you can do within the tool. Use it to discover new […]
Swordfish adds Domain Finding
2 maanden
Swordfish adds Domain Finding   In the last update from Swordfish, they added business email enrichment. This allowed you to upload a file with a contact name and a company name, and the tool would find the business email for you. Well, we have another upgrade from Swordfish! They have added domain finding. What does […]
Rockstar Finder: Search and Engagement
2 maanden
  Rockstar Finder Search and Engagement: One tool to do it all   Let’s talk about the latest update from our friends over at Rockstar Finder. This is a great sourcing tool, especially for agencies. Well, now you can also use it as a tool to find clients with the Rockstar Finder Search and Engagement. […]
Save Credits with Precontact Tool Update
3 maanden
Save Credits with the Precontact Tool Update     As you know, PreContact Tool is one of the better email finding tools out there. PreContactTool is a Chrome extension that allows you to find the contact details for a person’s LinkedIn profile page. With their latest update, it gives you more! You can now get […]
Chrome extension: Recruiter Wand by WizardSourcer
3 maanden
Recruiter Wand by WizardSourcer   I have a new free Chrome extension to simplify your candidate outreach. Recruiter Wand was created by Jonathan Kidder (aka the WizardSourcer). What this neat little tool does, is pulls data off of a candidate’s LinkedIn page and places it into an outreach message template. When you click on the “Get […]
Chartloop Update
3 maanden
Chartloop Update   Let’s take a look at this update from Chartloop. (If there’s anything better than finding great tools, it’s an update that makes what you already have better.) Chartloop is a research tool for company org chart creation of the top-level people in the company you specify. It will provide a link to […]
HireFast for Sourcing Software Developers
3 maanden
  Sourcing Technical Candidates with HireFast   We’re looking at a new tool called HireFast. This is a tech-specific search platform, with software developer candidates pulled from GitHub and then aggregated through other social networking sites. What makes this tool different? HireFast scores each candidate based on their skill set. So, when you do a candidate […]
Check out this Free Chrome Extension: EmailOnGitHub
4 maanden
Check out this Free Chrome Extension: EmailOnGitHub   We have a relatively new tool for you to check out, called EmailOnGitHub. This is a GitHub oriented tool. It’s available as a free Chrome extension. When sourcing, you will often find yourself on a GitHub profile, and as you know, GitHub hides the user’s email addresses. As […]
PreContact Tool, now with integrated Talent Pools
4 maanden
  PreContact Tool now with integrated Talent Pools   PreContactTool is a Chrome extension that allows you to find the contact details for a person’s LinkedIn profile page. It works really well, but you were restricted to finding information one at a time. Well, now they have released a new feature called Talent Pools.   […]
Calculate cost of living with the free Numbeo tool
5 maanden
Calculate cost of living with the free Numbeo tool   If you source or recruit for openings that require candidates to move, here is a tool that can help you collect data. Numbeo is a new tool that helps people with relocating. It’s a cost of living calculator. It’s also free! Put in a location and […]
Another incredible update from Seekout with more to come
5 maanden
Another update from Seekout is here, with more to come!   It’s time for another incredible update from Seekout. First off, there’s a new UI. It’s so much more aesthetically pleasing. In the app, you open up into the personalized dashboard that shows you everything you need at a glance.   What else do you […]
New Swordfish update adds business email enrichment
5 maanden
New Swordfish update adds business email enrichment Here’s an addition to a tool that’s already the best on the market. Another Swordfish update is here, and they keep adding more functionality to the tool. It’s getting better all the time. What’s new?  Now you can enrich your lists with business emails. You can find them […]
Check out Rectxt for Candidate SMS Messaging
5 maanden
Check out Rectxt for Candidate SMS Messaging Here’s a new texting tool for you to take a look at. Rectxt is a candidate SMS tool that works either inside your existing ATS or you can use right in a browser window since it works through a Chrome extension.   Some highlights: Integration with your ATS […]
Nymeria increases email finding abilities with StackOverFlow and
6 maanden
  Nymeria increases email finding abilities with StackOverFlow and   We are talking about the upgraded, new, and improved Nymeria! You can find Nymeria in the Chrome store. Now, this tool used to be just for profiles found on GitHub and LinkedIn. They have increased email finding abilities as well as added sources. They have […]
Let’s look at Hiretual’s new UI updates
6 maanden
  Let’s take a look at Hiretual’s new UI We are looking at Hiretual’s new UI. As you are already aware, Hiretual is a really good sourcing tool and does a lot. You can find people, contact info, really anything you want. Let’s go to the sourcing piece to show you what’s new. They have redesigned the […]
Recruiterly: An All in One Recruitment Platform
6 maanden
  Recruiterly: An All in One Recruitment Platform   Let’s get into a new tool that was released recently, called Recruiterly. Recruiterly is a recruitment marketplace, directory, and marketing platform that connects employers and job seekers with specialist recruiters. It has a lot of capabilities, and we like it for a lot of different reasons. Let’s […]
Match Jobs to Candidates with ZapInfo’s Talent Matching
6 maanden
  Match Jobs to Candidates with ZapInfo’s Talent Matching   Zapinfo has released a new feature that should help make your life easier. Especially in the event that you are a bit overwhelmed with an influx of candidates! This new feature is called Talent Matching and it helps compare data between job posting and a […]
AllBiz is more than a business search engine
6 maanden
  AllBiz is more than a business search engine.   We’re talking a new tool, new site called AllBiz. What this site does, is give you a business search engine. If that were all it did, though, we wouldn’t be here. There’s more to it when you look a little closer. In the search as a […]
Pushbullet Syncs Your Phone Notifications and SMS to Desktop
7 maanden
  Manage Phone Notifications and SMS with Pushbullet   This is a great productivity tool, if you get a lot of phone notifications but don’t want to keep picking up your device to check it. Pushbullet works with Android phones, and Chrome or Firefox browser on Windows. What does it do? It shows all phone […]
New and Improved ZapInfo
8 maanden
The ZapInfo update makes it even better!   ZapInfo has added some new features to their tool we’d like to show you! As we’ve discussed before, ZAPinfo makes scraping data easy, and you should be using it. Let’s run through what it looks like. We’re starting on a page in LinkedIn, and we use ZapInfo to […]
Seekout Update integrates Expert 
8 maanden
Seekout Update integrates Expert   Seekout has something new. Again! Can you tell that we are Seekout fans? We don’t call it one of the go-to tools for sourcing, for nothing. They have integrated their Robot Expert tool directly into their Seekout application. Last year, SeekOut’s AI Sourcing tool Robot released a tool called Expert, which […]
Stay organized and efficient while sourcing with RockStarFinder 4.0
8 maanden
  Stay organized and efficient while sourcing with the RockStarFinder update to 4.0   RockstarFinder™ has gotten even better with this latest release! The RockstarFinder update created a simple process to move people through a pipeline, which will keep you organized and efficient. We’ll give you a quick overview of what it does, starting with search. […]
Get Even More Contact Info Using Lampyre
8 maanden
Get even more contact info through Lampyre using a phone number or email address! Lampyre is a data investigation tool that helps you find, compile, and analyze data. As part of their free trial, you can utilize their email and phone lookup feature on their website. You do have to register in order to get […]
Loxo Outreach: A completely integrated communication platform
8 maanden
Save time communicating with candidates using Loxo Outreach We’re talking about Loxo again. Why again? Well, because they are making it better and giving us more! Before, they were “just” an ATS/CRM. And they were great at it! Then they added sourcing, as we just talked about in this video. Now comes Loxo Outreach. A […]
Loxo ups their game with a sourcing integration
8 maanden
  Loxo ups their game with a sourcing integration!   New and improved in the game of thrones…I mean tools. Loxo is already one of the best ATS/CRMS in the business, and now you can use it for sourcing as well! You’ll have access to their database which contains over 510 million candidates.   How […]
Chrome Extension Review: Email Discovery Tool
8 maanden
Find Email Addresses with the Email Discovery Tool   Here’s a new Chrome Extension for you to check out! This tool is called the “Email Discovery Tool” and you can find it on the Chrome Store or sign up and use the web version instead. Email Search Features The first feature is search company data for contacts by […]


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