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The Eisenhower matrix and various other grids for HR
8 uur
What is a consultant without a grid? 2×2 grids are part of the toolkit of almost any consultant. There are many HR related grids, and we have collected a few for your inspiration and entertainment. And not only 2×2’s. Examples of HR grids The Action Priority matrix One of my favourites. Also called the impact x effort matrix. My version looks a bit different: the best is low effort/ high impact. Blake Mouton Managerial Grid The good old grid of Blake...
To Track or Not to Track? The Balancing Act of Managing Employee/Employer Transparency
1 week
Employee monitoring technology has grown significantly both in scope and type over the past decade. Forms of workplace surveillance that used to be limited to the largest corporate employers, for high-level tracking of email volume or network-bandwidth requirements, now encompasse a range of tools that provide a high degree of visibility and oversight into almost every aspect of the daily behaviour of individual workers. Employee monitoring software increasingly popular Barclays bank is the...
HR Pyramids
2 weken
The Pyramid After the circle and the arrow, the pyramid is probably the most used shape in HR visuals. We found HR pyramids everywhere. Unfortunately we had to report a lot of pyramid abuse. In many visuals it is not clear why a pyramid is used. A good example of the proper use of a pyramid is Maslows pyramid with the hierarchy of needs. The basic needs at the bottom, more “luxury” needs at the top. The higher in the pyramid, the smaller the size of the people in the group. One big...
The ideal HR organisation
3 weken
The ideal HR organisation Recently we published a collection of HR models (What does good HR look like: 30 different models). These models were focused on the required competencies of successful HR professionals. Another question is: how do we organise HR? We collected more than 40 visuals that can inspire you when transforming your HR organisation. We hope you enjoy this collection of circles, pyramids, arrows and flow-charts. AIHR 15 indeed, I counted. I certainly can think of other key...
What does good HR look like? 30 different HR models
4 weken
What does good HR look like? HR is a young profession. The profession loves processes and frameworks. Of course there are also many frameworks that outline what good HR should look like. For this overview we collected around 30 of them. 30+ different HR models AHRI/1 Many models are related to the work of Ulrich and Brockbank. “Credible Activist” is certainly one of the competency areas out of their kitchen. AHRI/2 Most of the models reflect the “rounded HR professional...
A collection of Performance Management Cycles
1 maand
We all loved the performance management cycle! Performance management is changing. Almost every HR professional has been involved with performance management cycle design. The HR Trend Institute, in collaboration with The Muesum of HR, is preparing an exhibition of performance management cycles. In this article we present an overview of nearly 50 performance management cycles. The first conclusions: it is a rather boring collection and the similarity between the cycles is big. The variety is...
HR in 2025
1 maand
HR in 2025 Last week I was interviewed as part of a research into “HR in 2025”. This was an interesting conversation, and in the article I want to capture some thoughts I had, before I forget them (and before I change my mind..). It is by no means my intention to summarise the interview, the researchers can do a better job, and I am looking forward to the report that will be published somewhere this fall. Three considerations when researching HR in 2025 1. There is not one HR There...
Tom Haak’s HR Action Cube
2 maanden
Tom Haak’s HR Action Cube The HR Tech Conference Nigeria 2020 was opened with a keynote by Tom Haak. In this keynote he introduced Tom Haak’s HR Action Cube. He covered several dimensions of the cube: The burning business issues, and the impact on these issues of the COVID-19 crisis; Important HR trends; The HR enablers, as people analytics, HR tech, agile methodologies, design thinking and holistic HR. The video of his presentation is now available on YouTube. The post Tom Haak...
Gestão de desempenho em organizações ágeis
3 maanden
Gestão de desempenho: para quê? Existem vários objetivos de gerenciamento de desempenho. Desenvolvimento. Dê feedback às pessoas e equipes, que podem ser usado para melhorar, para as funções atuais e futuras. Direção. Ajude pessoas e equipes a se moverem na direção necessária. Reconhecimento. Dê reconhecimento às pessoas e equipes por suas realizações e esforços. Remuneração. Reúna informações que possam ser usadas para determinar os níveis salariais certos para indivíduos e equipes. Se bem...
How serious gaming can help HR to increase awareness on data & analytics
3 maanden
Data and analytics are gaining a crucial role within HR departments in various companies. But although this seems to be a technology trend, it is all about the human factor. Therefore employee behaviour is a key success factor for data driven decision making. And where humans come in to play, games should be involved. So how can serious gaming play a role to create awareness, willingness for working with a fact based mindset? This article is based on  interviews with three leaders in HR...
12 tips for online conference organisers
3 maanden
Many online conferences are boring I am part of the international conference industry. A big part of my activities is performing and chairing at HR conferences around the world. The live conference business has stopped abruptly in March, and part of it has moved online, waiting for  better times. In the past weeks I have participated in various online conferences and webinars, as a presenter or as a participant. Unfortunately, most of these conferences are as boring as the traditional ones. A...
Some suggestions for the HR agenda post COVID-19
3 maanden
Important business themes Generalising is dangerous. Organisations and businesses face all kind of different challenges. We expect some of them to be rather common. The most important priority for HR: what can we contribute to dealing with the most burning challenges. 1. Productivity and growth Productivity: “The quality, state, or fact of being able to generate, create, enhance, or bring forth goods and services” ( Some people don’t like the term productivity....
5 Tendências de comunicação interna
3 maanden
🇬🇧 Tradução (do inglês): Roberto Leão, Director South America na HR Trend Institute     Comunicação Interna reforçou sua preponderância como processo organizacional frente ao CVOVI-19. Aqui ficam tendências mapeadas para 2019, mas relevantes neste cenário 2020. Os colaboradores continuam querendo ser escutados, ser envolvidos, ter uma comunicação simples e transparente. 1. Mais escuta, menos envio Como sabemos, ouvir é difícil. Acho que em muitas organizações a liderança...
HR: Health and Safety first
3 maanden
  Health & Safety (& Wellbeing!) first In September 2015 I wrote a short article about what I learned about Health & Safety when I worked at Arcadis. In my view a lot can be learned from organisations with a strong health and safety culture, so I pulled the article from the archives, and here it is again!    During my morning run I saw two near-accidents of children on their way to school on their bicycle while using their smartphone. Using your telephone while cycling (or driving) is...
New update from the HR Trend Institute
4 maanden
High impact HR – post Corona Last week Tom Haak gave a short presentation at the HR Innovation Summit 2020. A studio recording of his presentation is now available on YouTube. In his presentation Tom focused on four important priory areas going forward: Productivity Innovation Resilience Wellbeing and through which intervention areas HR can help to tackle these issues and increase its impact (see slide below).     HR trends and the future of HR For yet another German...
Update from the HR Trend Institute
4 maanden
Some “HR and Corona” videos As live HR conferences are not possible at the moment, new webinars, podcasts, virtual conferences and what have you appear every day. Although the new “earning models” are not so clear yet (online = free seems to be the norm), Tom Haak is gladly making an appearance here and there. Some examples: Effectory  is organising a weekly webinar series. Tom Haak spoke in the second episode, about the Corona crisis as an HR incubator. On May 4, 2020...
Começando o RH
4 maanden
🇬🇧 Tradução (do inglês): Roberto Leão, Director South America na HR Trend Institute       A recém-nomeada gerente de RH de uma empresa de crescimento rápido – scale-up (com 120 pessoas) me ligou. Ela tinha acabo de iniciar funções e perguntou se eu poderia dar alguns conselhos. Tomamos um café em Amsterdã. Abaixo um breve resumo das minhas dicas.  1. Não contrate um gerente de RH  Minha primeira mensagem foi: eu não teria contratado você. Por que uma organização com...
Hora de rever seus projetos de RH
4 maanden
🇬🇧 Tradução (do inglês): Roberto Leão, Director South America na HR Trend Institute     Este é um bom momento para revisar seus projetos de RH (novos ou existentes). A lista de verificação a seguir pode ser útil. PS: Especialmente útil agora com a Crise do COVID-19. Para cada um dos seus projetos de RH, responda às seguintes perguntas, usando uma escala de 5 pontos (1 = dificilmente, 5 = em grande medida).   1. Link com a estratégia? O projeto contribui para suas áreas...
O envolvimento precoce de RH é fundamental para o sucesso de acordos de M&A
4 maanden
🇬🇧 Tradução (do inglês): Roberto Leão, Director South America na HR Trend Institute   Envolvimento precoce RH em M...
Trends in people analytics – video
4 maanden
Trends in people analytics   On May 6, 2020, Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute conducted a webinar for the Indian HR network ‘Best of HR Forum”. This is the recording of the webinar. Length: 1:22:22. The post Trends in people analytics – video appeared first on HR Trend Institute.
From Mindfulness to Playfulness
5 maanden
Playing is our natural way of learning In the famous book H​omo Ludens ​(1938), the Dutch historian Johan Huizinga describes that besides thinkers above all people are players. Playing is our natural way of learning. In this way we explore the rules of our environment and learn to deal with concepts such as gravity and adaptability. As we get older and our world grows bigger, we start to play less and live more on our autopilot. This is not surprising, because now, in the year 2020, we have...
As tendências de RH serão aceleradas pela crise da corona?
5 maanden
🇬🇧 Tradução (do inglês): Roberto Leão, Director South America na HR Trend Institute   Tendências de RH e a crise do Coronavírus A Effectory me pediu para realizar um webinar sobre como as tendências mais importantes de RH serão afetadas pela crise de Corona. O vídeo do seminário on-line está disponível no YouTube (em inglês).  Há duas que podem ser feitas: Como as tendências de RH serão afetadas pela crise? Como as tendências podem ser usadas para acelerar a saída da crise,...
Will HR Trends be accelerated by the Corona Crisis?
5 maanden
HR Trends and the Corona crisis Effectory asked me to conduct a webinar, about how important HR trends will be affected by the Corona crisis. The video of the webinar is available on YouTube. There are two different questions one could ask: How will the HR trends be affected by the crisis? How can the trends be used to accelerate out of the crisis, getting work life back on track? The short summary: In my view many of the trends that were already ongoing, will (or can) be accelerated by the...
12 RH tendências para 2020
5 maanden
Tradução (do inglês): Roberto Leão, Director South America na HR Trend Institute Cinco anos de mapeamento de tendências O HR Trend Institute foi fundado em 2014. Nos últimos cinco anos, todos os anos em novembro, publicamos uma visão geral das tendências de RH que mapeamos para o ano seguinte. Aqui os anos anteriores, em inglês: 2015: 9 emerging HR trends for 2015 2016: 11 HR trends for 2016 2017: 10 HR Trends for 2017 2018: 8 major trends for 2018 2019: 10 inspiring HR trends for 2019 Os...
Webinar HR & the crisis, on April 9
5 maanden
Webinar on April 9, 2020 (2 pm CEST)     Register for the webinar   Test your resilience during the Corona crisis via The Personalized Corona Coping Awareness Inventory   Do the test! The post Webinar HR & the crisis, on April 9 appeared first on HR Trend Institute.
Tom Haak’s Quarantine School
5 maanden
While you are locked up in your home, you might want to learn something. For Tom Haak’s Quarantine School we have gathered some of the videos featuring Tom. Hopefully there is some useful content for you. 12 things to learn if you want a career in HR   Crash Course Employee Experience   HR Tech and the Employee Experience   Three Trends for Learning & Development     How to make an HR Plan (part 1)         The psychology of...
A tour through the Museum of HR
5 maanden
The Museum of HR is always open! The Museum of HR is under construction, but the good news is that the museum is already open. In this 40 minute video Tom Haak, the Chief Curator of the museum takes you on a virtual tour though four of the current exhibitions. Enjoy!       The Personalized Corona Coping Awareness Inventory is still available free! Committed to support the fight against de COVID-19 pandemic, our partner The Centre for Applied Product Personality Research (CAPPR...
Test: How does your personality cope with Corona?
6 maanden
The Corona Coping Awareness Inventory Committed to support the fight against de COVID-19 pandemic, our partner The Centre for Applied Product Personality Research (CAPPR) has made its technology available to individually help people effectively deal with the Corona containment measures. They developed the Corona Coping Awareness Inventory. Go do it and find out how you can best cope with Corona on the basis of who you are. You will get a short report, and you will also be able to generate your...
Three ways to approach the Employee Experience
6 maanden
Do we need a standard approach to the Employee Experience? Now that more and more people are getting familiar with employee experience and have started with employee experience projects, there’s a growing call for a standard approach to employee experience. The question is if that’s realistic, certainly at this maturity level of the discipline. Employee experience can be approached in many different ways, and that’s the diversity you can see in the current playfield. Three ways to approach the...
Nearly 100 Leadership Models
6 maanden
There are many, many leadership models In our search for leadership models, we found many, many leadership models. Every organisation seems to have developed a leadership model. Churches, educational institutions, government, the coast guard and consultancies, they all have their models. We are looking for rounded leaders Most of the leadership models are visualised in a circle. We seem to be looking for rounded and balanced leaders. Our leaders can do it all. They can manage themselves, their...


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