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Natal Dank takes on leadership of the HR Trend Institute
2 dagen
Today, Natal Dank takes on the Director role and leadership of the HR Trend Institute. An influential figure within the international HR community and recognised as a pioneer in the Agile HR movement, Natal is thrilled to be taking on the role of Director and chief trend watcher. “The HR Trend Institute has been my go-to website for years and helps me stay up to date with the latest trends influencing the people strategy of organisations. It’s an honour to take on the Director role from Tom...
Agile HR Training Programs with PXO Culture
1 week
PXO Culture offers in-house Agile HR learning programs, coaching and consultancy. Through our learning programs, you’ll learn to use the Agile HR mindset and techniques and rituals to build an amazing employee experience, like a customer journey, full of moments that matter for your people and brand. Our Learning, Coaching and Community ensure your team is up and running with Agile HR projects, able to apply design thinking, work evidence-based and collaborate in multi-functional ways. Agile...
Presentations and Keynotes Natal Dank
1 week
Inspiration Natal Dank of the HR Trend Institute is available to give inspiring keynotes and presentations, for small and large audiences. Content and delivery method (one-way, interactive, workshops) can be tailored to the audience. Some titles of recent presentations: T Shaped Skills Getting started with Agile HR Design Thinking in HR Agile Ways of Working Building an HR Strategy How to become an Agile HR Coach and Scrum Master Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Building a Career using Agile...
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