SeekOut: The Return of the Position Magnet and More

Today, Dean Da Costa walks us through upgrades and new tools added to one of the most used and loved sourcing tools on the market: SeekOut. New and improved power filters, as well as the return of their Position Magnet, has Dean a little more exuberant than usual, so kick back and get ready to learn! As you probably know, SeekOut is an AI-powered recruiting software that utilizes its advanced “Talent 360 Platfrom” to assist in diversifying the talent pipeline with deep analytics. This allows you to proactively source fitted candidates, reduce bias, increase engagement and accomplish your recruiting goals quicker. What We’ll Cover Advanced Power Filters Improvements made to the existing power filters allow you to refine your searches to a much greater extent than before. The prebuilt options can be broad or very specific; you have the capability to whittle your contacts down with anything from company to club memberships. AI-Powered Position Magnet SeekOut launched the Position Magnet previously and pulled it. Alas, it has returned, now offering the user enhanced control. In essence, the Position Magnet will create a candidate persona from a role you provide, then perform an extensive search to pull leads who match. Dean shows some in-depth examples of how this works, so make sure to check out the video for full understanding. Ready to grab it? Book yourself for a SeekOut demo here, and let us know your thoughts in the comments! The post SeekOut: The Return of the Position Magnet and More appeared first on RecruitingDaily.
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10-11-2021 16:00