LeadGrabber Pro + LinkedIn for Bulk Prospecting

LeadGrabber Pro dons itself as “the world’s best B2B prospecting tool” on the market. It allows you to find prospects who match your model customer or candidate profile using various tools. In terms of sourcing, it’s the brilliant bee’s knees, allowing you to pull from websites and job listings en masse without breaking a sweat. You’ve heard of LinkedIn, right? Well, this prospecting tool helps speed up LinkedIn sourcing by light miles. To be precise, they claim you can source up to 20 times faster than professional researchers. In addition, LeadGrabber states it delivers a 30 percent higher rate of verified, or clean, information. What’s more, Leadgrabber Pro + LinkedIn allows you to narrow your contact lists by title, location, industry, connections, company — you name it — to build highly targeted niche leads. There is a lot more to this tool than what we can list here without robbing you of your Dean Da Costa video experience, so have a look and let us know what you think. And if you missed our last video, check it this humanpredictions update Dean covered last week. LeadGrabber Pro + LinkedIn As an overview, LeadGrabber Pro + LinkedIn enables you to: Identify & reach your ideal contacts faster Custom build targeted contact lists with verified information in minutes Eliminate copy/paste with instant CRM/ATS transfer Save a load of time and money Download their 50-contact free trial here, request a demo at the bottom of this page or navigate to the LeadGrabber product page for a list of all tools and updates. Keep an eye open for upcoming LeadGrabber Pro strategy videos from Dean. The post LeadGrabber Pro + LinkedIn for Bulk Prospecting appeared first on Recruiting Daily.
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29-09-2021 16:00