A checklist for People Analytics

A Checklist for People Analytics Recently I gave a presentation at the Dutch National HR Congress. I presented a 10-point checklist for people analytics. The purpose: a simple tool for HR- en People Analytics teams to critically review their activities and fuel some reflection. 1. Are you supporting the (digital) transformation of HR and of your organisation? or are you preparing headcount and staff turnover reports? 2. Are you focusing on the most burning issues of the organisation? or is the connection between your projects and  dashboards  and the burning issues ((“the story”) not so clear. 3. Is you scope broad enough? Are there the benefits of your activities for: management employees flexible workers alumni candidates suppliers clients society or are you mainly working for HR and management? 4. Are there clear benefits for the employees, useful for them also outside the context of the organisation? or do the interests of the organisation come on the first place? 5. Are you fast enough? Have you created a ‘continuous listening’ architecture? or are you still working on complex one-off projects, that are difficult to replicate. 6. Do you power personalisation? or are you preparing dashboards for HR and management? Read: Personalisation in HR – some ideas 7. Are you an activist? Do you dare to confront abuse and inequity? or are you merely a reporter and bystander? Watch: 8. Do you support all the parts of HR? HR Operations HR Strategy/Advice People Success or do you do mainly “strategic” projects? Read: Basic architecture HR – update. 9. Do you use scientific insights? or do you mainly rely on the analytics of your own team, often based on very small samples and methodologically poor analytics. 10 Do you keep it simple? Are you able to explain your findings in an understandable way? or do you hide behind people analytics jargon. Read: HR – Keep it simple     Watch: A checklist for L&D   The post A checklist for People Analytics appeared first on HR Trend Institute.
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07-06-2021 15:20