What are the interests of HR professionals?

Which HR solutions are you currently most interested in? On March 3-5, 2021, my friends from Teneo organised their annual  flagship conference, the HRcoreLAB. Normally this is for me a good start of the conference season, as you cannot offer me a better treat than a week in beautiful Barcelona in March. Unfortunately this year the conference was online (different, but also an excellent experience). Teneo asked the participants which HR solutions they were currently most interested in. Teneo kindly shared the results with me. More than 6,000 of the participants (6,274) answered the question. Participants were a global group of HR professionals, many of them European but as the conference was virtual many participants from other continents were able to participate. The HRcoreLAB bundles three conferences, focused on recruitment, HR agility and people analytics. So you would expect people with an interest in these areas to be dominant. Employee Engagement on first place The following solution areas had the interest of more than 25% of the participants: Employee Engagement (55%) People Analytics (52%) Employee Experience (51%) Cultural & Digital Transformation (49%) Recruitment (44%) Performance Management (44%) Leadership Coaching & Mentoring (43%) Employer Branding (41%) HR Technology (41%) Onboarding (39%) Culture (39%) Wellbeing (36%) Retention (35%) L&D (29%) AI & Machine Learning (28%) Diversity & Inclusion (27%) The next one on the list (Executive Education) had the interest of only 14%. Work/Life Balance no high priority Some of the areas that were mentioned by less than 1% of the participants: Employee Benefits, Total Rewards, Work/Life Balance and Pension Plans. The post What are the interests of HR professionals? appeared first on HR Trend Institute.
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05-04-2021 07:00