Build a People Plan

This week in the newsletter In this first newsletter on 2021 we cover: The latest episode of “Talking HR Trends with Natal & Tom” People Plan: Infographic Book recommendations of Tom Haak Talking HR Trends with Natal and Tom Build a people plan (that actually works!) The first episode of “Talking HR Trends with Natal and Tom“in 2021. The topic: Build a people strategy (that actually works). This is a good time of the year to review your People Strategy or start from scratch. Natal and Tom suggest the steps you can take to create such a plan. As always, a clear focus helps a lot. Try to avoid: ► To try to do everything ► To take the HR Handbook as the starting point ► To plan in cycles that are too long (a year can be very long!) People Plan: Infographic Watch one of the other episodes Book recommendations of Tom On YouTube you can find a series of short videos (one minute or shorter) with book recommendations of Tom Haak. 2021/01   The post Build a People Plan appeared first on HR Trend Institute.
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07-01-2021 07:00