Test: How does your personality cope with Corona?

The Corona Coping Awareness Inventory Committed to support the fight against de COVID-19 pandemic, our partner The Centre for Applied Product Personality Research (CAPPR) has made its technology available to individually help people effectively deal with the Corona containment measures. They developed the Corona Coping Awareness Inventory. Go do it and find out how you can best cope with Corona on the basis of who you are. You will get a short report, and you will also be able to generate your Personal User Guide, to guide others how they best deal with you. Very helpful!   Do the Test (free) “For someone like you, following the Corona measures can be challenging” I (Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute) did the test, and I want to share some of the results and suggestions. “For someone like you, following the Corona measures can be challenging. These measures require an attitude of routine and not of experimentation. That can easily collide with your strong need for variety and change”. “Try to slow down your need for variety. That will not be easy. Unfortunately, you will often get bored. Therefore, look for as many new ways as possible to enjoy yourself.” “For a disciplined and structured person like you, the strict measures around Corona are easy to understand. However, you may experience unrest, because you are temporarily unable to deliver work related performance.” “For someone like you, the measures to combat the Corona are usually well accepted. For example, having limited contact with others is something that you appreciate by nature.” “The risk of this situation for you is that you will be very alone. Make sure you keep in touch with others.” “You will be able to accept the new situation fairly well, and also pay attention to your own interests. Your character says: we must get through this situation with all of us, including myself.” “It suits you that, by nature, you can remain calm and confident in this situation. You therefore have the idea that you are still more or less in control in this situation.” “Keep thinking carefully and make sure you don’t take the situation too easily. Also pay attention to others and show that.” The post Test: How does your personality cope with Corona? appeared first on HR Trend Institute.
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22-03-2020 13:13