Launch of the first international State of Agile HR

Organize Agile and the HU University of Applied Sciences asked us to ask your attention for the first State of Agile HR survey, and we are happy to do so. Agile is coming more common Agile ways of thinking, working and organizing are becoming more common all over the world. Where in the past mostly IT departments and organizations focused on increasing their agility, other disciplines have been discovering the advantages of organizing agile in recent years. It was first identified as an HR trend in 2016; in 2017 the book ‘Agile HR’was published. Since then, HR departments and professionals have been experimenting with the introduction of agile principles, practices and ways of working in their work and within their organization. In some cases, HR is called upon to support an enterprise wide agile transformation. Often, HR instruments around performance, feedback and learning have to be redesigned to support an agile organization. Learn more about Agile HR in this video: The first international State of Agile HR To provide insights into the role of HR in agile organizations, Organize Agile and the HU University of Applied Sciences launched the first international State of Agile HR. It is the HR answer to the well-known State of Agile research (now in its 13thannual edition) and the State of Agile Marketing (now in its 2ndannual edition). It provides insights into current developments and trends in the adoption and proliferation of Agile HR throughout organizations. Various agile and HR frameworks are the basis of the survey, including the HR trends for 2019. Please participate! If you are an HR professional or leader and have experience with Agile HR or are wondering whether it could work in your organization, share your experience by participating in the State of Agile HR survey on Participants that enter this week (week ending May 12), are eligible to win a 3-day Agile HR course certified by the International Consortium for Agile in Utrecht or New York. Participation closes on May 17, 2019.   Participate in The State of Agile HR       The post Launch of the first international State of Agile HR appeared first on HR Trend Institute.
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09-05-2019 16:58