The video’s I hate…

An interactive lecture Last week I gave a lecture (two times 45 minutes) to a group of bachelor students (Business Administration) at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. In an attempt to keep their attention, I gave an interactive lecture. The students could choose which modules in my menu (see below) they preferred. The two green modules were mandatory (HR basics in one minute, and some examples of HR innovations as a warming up).   Via Mentimeter the students could vote on their favourite module. 130 students voted, and the results can be seen below.   The top 5: Video’s I hate FUN! One minute meditation Quiz Ex equo for Tech, Employee Journeys/ Career Ladders and an Online Test. Clearly a group who wanted to get the most out of it! The video’s I hate… The evening before I gave the lecture, having a look at my slides, I added the category “The video’s I hate…”. I just returned from a couple of HR conferences, and some of the other speakers managed to surprise me by including one or more video’s in their presentations. Unfortunately, the choice of video’s is hardly ever original, and as a consequence I (as a hardcore conference junky) have seen most of these video’s several times. Seeing them once is good enough. I have nothing against the video’s, some of them are very good, but an overdosis can be harmful. Including this module to my menu was a bad choice, as the students clearly were very interested in the video’s I hate, and I had to watch them again (to protect myself I only showed three, and I stopped them after around one minute). This is my current Top 5 of “Video’s I hate…” (‘Video’s I have seen enough” would have been a better title, but not so attractive). The world is changing This video (and other like this one) belongs to the standard equipment of presenters. Yeah, yeah, the world is changing very fast. Warning for presenters: please make sure when you want to present such a video, you present an up-to-date version. Stuck on an escalator “Stuck on an escalator” is a popular video. The oldest version I can find on YouTube is from 2006, but probably it is even older. When you watch it, you notice it is dated. The woman asks the man; “Do you have a mobile phone?” and it turns out they both do not have a mobile phone. How unlikely would that be today: two business people on an escalator without a mobile phone? The video is generally used to illustrate how helpless and dependent people in big organisation have become. Of course, the video illustrates nothing. It is a lousy metaphor. In my working life, most of the time spent in big organisations, I have never seen people on a stuck escalator behaving like this. But: people like the video, and it saves presenters around three minutes (if video and sound work immediately). Guy starts dancing party Another classic is “Guy starts dance party”, recorded (probably with an old Nokia) at the Sasquatch music festival 2009. One guy starts dancing, another one follows and at the end of the clip many people are dancing.  Only two weeks ago a certain Ollie Russell commented on YouTube: “I can’t help but feel that this is a deep metaphor for humanity in general”. I showed the video to my son (22) and he said: “Flash mob”. Ads the first flash mobs were created in 2003 (according to Wikipedia) this could be possible. When people show this video, they most of the time want to illustrate something like: “You have leaders, early adapters and followers”. Very deep indeed. It would be nice to see some more recent examples (in high res). Simon Sinek – Start with why This video probably doesn’t need an explanation. This short version has been watched nearly two million times on YouTube. The original version almost six million views. Presenters: please assume your audience knows the classics! Flock of birds On fifth place: the flock of birds. This video is just one example, there are many more. Speakers show this when discussing leadership or self managed organisations. The message: why do people need leaders when even birds don’t? So far my list. I would certainly be interested to hear from you which video’s are on your “hate list”. The post The video’s I hate… appeared first on HR Trend Institute.
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17-04-2019 07:00