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► Article on the website of Blueprintt, Brazil (in Portuguese) ► Column “Checklist Smart Workplace” (in Dutch) ► Interview by TalentWunder (video) ► Interview by Remote-How (video) ► Interview by Smarp: “How to improve internal communications” ► Interview for HR Experience 2019 UPOTREBA POTENCIJALA, JAČANJE I RAZVOJ VEŠTINA JE EVROPSKI I GLOBALNI PRIORITET ► Interview by Mher Mardoyan (Vancouver Recruiter) This is one clip of a series of six, that can be found on the YouTube channel “Tips for hiring and getting hired“. ► Interview on “Het gaat erom jezelf future proof te maken” (in Dutch) ► Interview with Mike Muurmans of SAP (in Dutch) ► Interview by Prof. Peter Wald, of HTWK Leipzig ► Interview in, about Traineeships (in Dutch) ► Interview HR Innovation Summit 2018 ► Interview on Grosum Blog, about HR Analytics ► Podcast for “Frisse Podcast”- Interview by Kevin Schuurmans (in Dutch) ► Podcast on HR Today Blog – Interview by Annina Brühwiler ► Podcast of BNR Radio about Traineeships (in Dutch) ► Promo video for SAP congress “Connect to Innovate” 2018 (in Dutch) ► Quote in article on about traineeships (in Dutch) ► Quote in article of Cake HR: “45 trends & predictions for 2019” ► Quote for Grosum: “What are the key gaps in current industry practices in managing employees’ performance? – 21 industry experts share their insights ► Quote for Grosum: “29 best employee performance management quotes” ► Quote for Grosum: “The ultimate KRAs for HR professionals – 12 experts share their insights” ► Quote for Grosum: “Whose responsibility is employee performance management? – 21 experts share their insights ► Quote in article in Human Resource Executive: “Here are 4 emerging trends in HR Tech” ► Quote for Jobiak: “20 experts reveal how talent acquisition will change in 2019 ► Quote for Skeeled: “Recruitment & HR trends for 2019 by the experts   The post Tom Haak’s podcasts, interviews, video’s and more appeared first on HR Trend Institute.
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12-03-2019 07:00