How to improve Internal Communications

Smarp published an interview with Tom Haak on their website on February 21, 2019.   Tom Haak on how to improve internal communications in the workplace Even though internal communications should be one of every organisation’s top priorities, 60 percent of businesses don’t have any long-term internal communications strategy. Internal communications affect the company’s employer brand, employees’ motivation, the corporate culture, and also employee engagement overall: Deloitte’s 2017 Global Human Capital Trends Survey shows that only 23% of companies believe that their employees are fully aligned with the corporate purpose. As workplaces are changing and workforces are becoming more mobile, delivering effective internal communications can be a real challenge. Tom Haak, founder and director of the HR Trend Institute, shares his thoughts on the most common internal communication challenges businesses are facing and best practices for improving communications in the workplace: Hi Tom, you are the founder and director of the HR Trend Institute, what’s your story, how did you decide to launch this institute? I have a background in international HR. I worked for great organisations, such as Philips Electronics, KPMG, Aon and Arcadis. I always tried to practice HR in an innovative and non-traditional way, but in the end, as an international HR executive, you spend most of your time in meeting rooms somewhere in a nice location. I was more interested in HR innovation, and therefore I founded the HR Trend Institute. We’re going to celebrate our fifth anniversary in April. We are trend watchers and our main focus is people and organisations. With our findings, we try to inspire HR professionals and others, showing that by using current trends and the possibilities of HR tech, life in the workplace can be a lot more fun, rewarding and effective. We do this by blogging, conduction keynotes, and hosting workshops, masterclasses and training programs. According to you, what are the main barriers to effective internal communications that companies are facing now? To me, there is not a big distinction between internal and external communications. As organisations are changing, it becomes more and more difficult to identify what “internal” is. Many people involved in the company’s success such as free agents, partners, suppliers or interns may not get the information they expect the company to share with them…. Read the full Interview The post How to improve Internal Communications appeared first on HR Trend Institute.
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28-02-2019 07:00