Top 8 meditation apps to use at work

Today’s world and is extremely chaotic. People are swept into monotonous cycles that take their minds away from what’s truly important. They get lost in the sea of unimportant details, and they lose their overall life focus. Why is Meditation Important? Wake up, prepare for work, eat a quick and often unhealthy breakfast due to the lack of time, work, work, work, go home, take care of responsibilities and unpredicted complications, relax for fifty minutes, go to sleep, repeat. By analysing this common lifestyle, we can clearly see a few things. Among them is the fact that very few people take their time to introspect and meditate. First, we’re not actually living our lives, but life lives us. Because most people are not really in control of their days, this limits their freedom and diminishes their quality of lifestyle. Second, a mind that’s constantly in rush cannot be calm or in peace. Living a healthy and balanced life is all about making peace with yourself and with the world. Often, people become stressed out during work, manifesting and directing their negative emotions and moods not just toward coworkers but also toward family and close friends. If this sounds familiar to you, I’m guessing that you’re here to make positive improvements. Among all the incredible benefits it provides, meditation is an amazing way to improve your work’s quality, to relieve stress and anxiety, and to become motivated and inspired to keep growing. Meditation as an Employee’s Tool In today’s busy workplace, employees are surrounded by technology and unlimited information. That’s not all bad, but it can be distracting. Taking the good side of technology in mind, you can improve your overall experience at work by using meditation apps and mindfulness apps that serve a variety of purposes. In today’s post, I’m sharing some of the most effective mindfulness meditation apps that can change the way you live, think, and feel while you’re at work (and not only at work). 1.   Aura One of the best meditation apps you can find for your work schedule is Aura. It features daily micro-meditation sessions that last exactly three minutes. These short audio sessions are purposed to help users relieve anxiety and stress. They take advantage of an effective, advanced, and yet simple meditation platform. The specialists behind Aura are very popular meditation therapists and teachers, while the application features AI algorithms and features. With this brilliant meditation app, you can listen to sounds of nature, keep gratitude journals, and track your emotional moods throughout the workday. The 3-minute sessions make it a great app for work breaks. 2.   Buddhify Buddhify pays great attention to details. It also ensures that the user can benefit from the app in various circumstances. The app offers meditation sessions that are organised according to where you are throughout the day. Buddhify is recognised as one of the most effective apps for relieving anxiety, mainly because it offers meditations for various purposes and reasons. You get over 80 meditation sessions, all created by field experts. If you always tend to be on the go, this is the perfect app for you. 3.   Calm Are you a calm person? Do you yell? Do you get angry and put people down? If that sounds a little bit like you, Calm is the perfect app for your daily routine. The app is renowned to bring intense feelings of peace and joy, and a sense of clarity and perspective. Millions of people are using this app, and report that it empowers and inspires them to move forward. As for the features, Calm offers relaxing sounds and positive vibrations. For example, the sound of the fire, the sound of the rain, the crickets, the birds, and so on. Calm also offers guided meditation sessions, short, and perfect for work breaks. 4.   Mindfulness Daily Mindfulness Daily, as the name suggests, is a daily mindfulness habit app which encourages users to “pause for a mindful minute throughout the day”. This app provides effective, short, and concise guided meditations that are aimed to reduce stress, anxiety, and other negative feelings. You can use it at work, as a session only lasts a minute. Mindfulness Daily is also perfect for improving your sleep performance and your energy levels throughout the work day. Unlike any other app, Mindfulness Daily comes with evidence-based solutions and benefits for various mental and physical issues. 5.   Omvana Omvana appeals to every professional who wants to improve himself personally and professionally. This is a growth-oriented e-learning application that provides transformational audio tracks for improving different areas of your life. There are many categories you can choose from. Some of the most popular ones are: productivity, meditation, mind, body, relationship, and lifestyle. You can test Omvana for free and see if it can get you motivated or inspired. People report that this app is specifically great at teaching users how to meditate and how to enhance the experience of meditation. It also offers an option that allows the user to create personalised meditation sequences based on their preferences and needs. So, for example, if your work break allows for a five minute meditation session, set it to five minutes and start enjoying your unique meditation session each day. I’ve been using this app for two years now, and I’ve been able to find some of the best essay tips, written by College-Paper and EssayOnTime, so it helped me improve my academic performance too. 6.   Simply Being 7.   Stop, Breathe, & Think Stop, Breathe, & Think is a great application for everyone who’s having a tough time waking up, focusing, or committing to responsibilities. Its main themes are motivation and inspiration. For children and teenagers who are first introduced to mindfulness and meditation practices, this app is perfect, but it is also great for adults who are just getting started. You can connect this app with your Alexa assistant and ask for reminders and meditation help every time you need it. 8.   Headspace Lastly yet very well worth mentioning, Headspace is probably the most effective meditation app that promises to improve your energy, health, and happiness. This tool does not only offer specific guided meditation sessions for various needs, but also gives you clear instructions on how to actually meditation. That can make the entire difference for some people! As I’ve been a resume counselor at Resumes Planet for a few years, I’ve realised that even though clients were given specific examples on how to create their resume, they still needed fundamental and basic teaching on what employers need from a CV. It works the same with meditation. Until the person who wants to practice isn’t fully confident in the basics, he won’t be able to reap its full benefits. Additionally, Headspace features bite-sized guided meditation sessions, which are perfect for busy people and especially for employees who want to make meditation a part of their work routine. You can get Headspace both on Android and iOS. You can sign-up for free to test the app before going premium. Takeaways Meditation apps are great assets for improving the quality of your work experience, as they help you relax, improve your emotional moods, and relieve the anxiety that holds you back from enjoying your present moment.   The post Top 8 meditation apps to use at work appeared first on HR Trend Institute.
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