The employee experience starts with flipping mindsets

It’s not about you, it’s about them! In an era of technology, the human side become key Technology will disrupt the status-quo. We hear it so much that we might believe that the future is only about technology. But it’s mainly about us and how we, and the organisations we are part of, can transform. In an era of technology, the human side becomes key and building the unique quality called ’empathy’ is a prerequisite. Millennials are changing the narrative for organisations and societies, as we can also see in the growing climate protests. They expect things to be done differently, and also non-millennials understand them, because we all have been feeling for a long time that we’ve reached the limits of our current system. People, teams, organisations and societies will transform substantially in the years to come and employee experience is part of this movement. Look at the organisation through the eye of the employee Employee Experience is the way employees experience their work. To improve it, you need to look at organisations through the eyes of the employee. That’s why empathic reasoning is key to creating good employee experiences. It seems logical, but it means flipping your mindset from ‘you’ to ‘them’. It’s not about you as an organisation. it’s about the people that make your organisation work. It’s not about you as an IT-department or about your solutions, as top as they might be, it’s about the people wanting to use them. It’s not about the sexiest employer branding, it’s about attracting the people who match your organisation or creating an organisation that matches the people you need. It’s not about you as a manager, it’s about how your team and people can do their best work. Flipping mindsets This means flipping mindsets from a process-driven focus to an experience-driven focus (with processes and technology supporting the experiences). Not: how can we increase efficiency, but how can we make (work)life for our employees easier and more rewarding? Not: how can we be the most attractive employer and win prices, but how can we match the real experiences with the expectations and vice versa? Not: how can we save costs through a digital workplace, but what do people need to do their work properly in a more demanding world? The list of questions is endless, as is the list of challenges facing any organisation. Building a future organisation starts with asking those questions differently, from the perspective of the employee, understanding what they need (and don’t need) to do their work properly. Next step: design solutions to match the expectations The next step is designing solutions to match these expectations (in line with your strategy) and manage those that you cannot meet. The power lies at the intersection of experience design and process & data management. Matching a brilliant frontstage (the experiences) with a brilliantly efficient backstage (process & data) is essential for future success.   The post The employee experience starts with flipping mindsets appeared first on HR Trend Institute.
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04-02-2019 07:01