Trends in the personal data of Tom Haak

Apple Watch 2018 was the first full year I used my Apple watch. I use my watch to track activities, workouts, meditation and sleep. I started tracking my weight later in 2018, so no report yet. In this report I want to give you some insight in my personal data. The apps I use for this purpose: Apple activity app AutoSleep Headspace HeartWatch MY Weight Health (for reporting) I do not have comparable data of 2017, so please consider 2018 as the baseline. Some insights in my personal data of 2018 1. Meditation Average time spent meditation: 20 minutes per day. Thanks to Headspace. 2. Steps per day Average 14.342 steps per day. February and March are high, because I was training for the Rotterdam marathon (early April). 3. Walking and running I ran and walked on average 11,5 kilometers in 2018, is 4,197 kilometers in total. The Health app does not split walking and running, and the activity app does not give an annual overview (improvement opportunity). 4. Workouts 62 minutes per day average on workouts. Mainly running and walking, some swimming in January. 5. Resting Heart Rate My average resting heart rate in 2018 was 53 bpm. Small peak in August, maybe because I was traveling in Chile and Brazil. 6. Stand Hours A stand hour is an hour in which I move (stand, walk) for at least one minute. I meticulously follow the instructions on my watch. 7. Sleep I slept 7 hours and 5 minutes per night, a little bit longer on winter nights. Questions Is it helpful for Tom Haak to track this data? What additional data would you like Tom to gather? What does this data tell about Tom? Would Tom be willing to share this data with his employer (if he had one)? The post Trends in the personal data of Tom Haak appeared first on HR Trend Institute.
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14-01-2019 07:00