Talent Management Trends for 2019

The Future of Talent Management On November 14, 2018, Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute spoke with a team of HR professionals of Deutsche Telekom about the future of talent management, via Skype. In this video a summary of Tom’s answers to the questions of the team. The technical quality is not 100%, as it is a recording via Skype.   The video can be split in 14 chapters. If you click on the chapter title, you will jump to the relevant part of the video. 1. The old processes do not work very well 2. Do we know what we are looking for? 3. The focus of talent management should be more short-term  4. How should performance management change?  5. What are the relevant selection criteria?  6. A good selection process is key 7. Managers are opportunistic 8. Most leadership programs are a waste of time 9. On coaching and using people’s strengths 10. What does good look like? 11. Are we not too much backward looking? 12. Look at teams as well 13. The illusion of control and planning 14. Differentiate the talent pool The post Talent Management Trends for 2019 appeared first on HR Trend Institute.
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19-11-2018 06:30